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From simple handyman tasks to classy, cutting edge residential and commerical designs. No job is large enough.

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Above & Beyond Construction

Above & Beyond is an American-Owned construction company, founded by Jason Swarthout, located in Southeastern Michigan. 
Above & Beyond has decades of combined experience catering to Property Managers, Business and Homeowners, Contracting and Project Management companies… all looking for a company who produces quality work and specializes in the constructing, design and repair of Outsulation Systems.
WHAT is an Outsulation System?
Outsulation Systems are an optimal cladding solution, known to have a tiny carbon footprint, yet taut huge benefits.
These systems are everywhere you look; from large flashy hotels to small store fronts and residential details, you literally view some form of an Outsulation System every time you walk outside.
WHY should I elect to use an Outsulation System?
  1. Cost.  On average, 10% of shell construction costs could be saved on a building designed for masonry by substituting with an Outsulation system.
  2. Energy Efficiency. The Oak Ridge National Laboratory determined that Outsulation systems are 84% more energy efficient than the next best cladding. That means Outsulation systems can reduce a building’s energy use by as much as 30%, year after year, saving both money and precious energy resources.
  3. Design Options.  The colors, textures and visions are literally endless.
  4. Carbon Footprint. Outsulation systems have a smaller carbon footprint than other common claddings and offer a better green building alternative over the life of the project.
View the short Video below to obtain a clear understanding of what an Outsulation System is and what they can look like.

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